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What Material Is Better Used in the Jaw Crusher Plates

Fote Machinery will introduce you some materials used in the jaw crusher plates in detail as well as the merits and drawbacks of these materials to help you make a better choice.

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With the accelerated process of industrialization, the demand for mineral resources development has been greatly increased and the quality requirements have also been continuously improved. So the mining machinery manufacturers continually keep growing, research and manufacture various types and various materials equipment. As an indispensable crushing machine in the crushing process, jaw crusher widely appears in the market and is loved by clients. The jaw plates as the main wear part of jaw crusher have high consumption, therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the material selection of the jaw crusher plates. However, some clients have such a problem during the purchase process of jaw crusher, they don't know what kind of material will be better and more durable used in the jaw plates of jaw crusher. Next, Fote Machinery will introduce you some materials used in the jaw crusher plates in detail as well as the merits and drawbacks of these materials to help you make a better choice.

★High manganese steel

High manganese steel is the traditional material used to make the jaw plates of jaw crusher, which has good toughness and good deformation hardening ability. But due to the structure of some jaw crushers is not very reasonable, the opening angle between the fixed jaw plate and the movable jaw plate is too large and prone to cause the sliding of abrasive, then the deformation hardening of high manganese steel is inadequate, the surface hardness of the jaw plate is lower, the short-range cutting volume of abrasive is larger, so the jaw plate wear is faster.

★Mid-manganese steel

Due to the low initial hardness and low yield strength of high manganese steel, its machining and hardening are not sufficient in the non-strong impact conditions and it is easy to be rheological and to be cut. In order to improve the service life of the jaw plate, the mid-manganese steel has been developed. In the practical application of mid-manganese steel, it has achieved better using effects. When crushing silica, the service life of the mid-manganese steel jaw plate is increased by more than 20% than of high manganese steel jaw plate, while its cost is equivalent to that of the high manganese steel jaw plate.

★The combination of the high-chromium cast iron and high manganese steel

Although the high-chromium cast iron is the excellent wear resistant material, because of its poor toughness, after suffering the impact or extrusion of materials several times, it can be directly fractured, therefore, using the high chromium cast iron to make jaw plate does not necessarily achieve good use effect. In recent years, high chromium cast iron has been applied to cast or adhere to the high manganese steel jaw plate to form the composite jaw plate. The high wear resistance of the high chromium cast iron and the high toughness of the high manganese steel have been brought into full play, and the service life of the jaw plate has been remarkably improved.

★Mid-carbon low-alloy cast steel

Mid-carbon low-alloy cast steel is a kind of wear-resisting material and widely used in the machine building industry, mainly because of its higher hardness (HRC≥45) as well as the appropriate toughness (Ak≥15J/m2), which can resist the fatigue spalling caused by repeated cutting and extrusion action of materials and thus showing its good wear resistance performance. At the same time, the mid-carbon low-alloy cast steel can be adjusted by composition and heat treatment process, so that the hardness and toughness can be changed in a wide range to meet the requirements of different working conditions.

The above is the brief introduction of four kinds of common materials, in the selection of jaw crusher, it is important to analyze the material characteristics of jaw plates and choose the most suitable equipment. Fote Machinery as one large-scale mining machinery manufacturer with more than thirty years' manufacturing and sales experience, it can provide the users with fully customizable equipment, from internal components to portable or stationary configuration. If you have any questions about our machine, please feel free to contact us ! We are ready to help !

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