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Why Is the Jaw Crusher Favored by Massive Users

Why is the jaw crusher favored by massive users? Firstly, the jaw crusher can complete the crushing process independently.Secondly, the jaw crusher is all-match, not just talking, it can be seen in every production line in the mine production.

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Jaw crusher is the old and classic equipment established in the 19th century, at that time, once launched, it was popular with massive users, although jaw crusher has ever suffered from the impact of other emerging crushing equipment, it has been developing continuously, and constantly improving itself, and jaw crusher is still the mining equipment favored by people so far, the main reasons are that its all-match property and strong independence.

Jaw crusher has strong independence

Firstly, the jaw crusher can complete the crushing process independently. There is one crushing production line often used by the crushing manufacturer: Storage bin→vibrating feeder→jaw crusher(for coarse crushing)→jaw crusher(for fine crushing)→ vibrating screen. It can be obviously seen that the jaw crusher has appeared twice, one jaw crusher is used in the primary course crushing, the other is used in the secondary fine crushing. Only can jaw crushers satisfy two different levels of fragmentation at the same time among all the crushing machines, and there are three reasons:

1.The chamber type of jaw crusher can be changed and adjusted easily according to the properties of crushing materials and the standard of the crushed products.

2.Jaw crusher has strong crushing strength, especially for the hard materials that other crushers are difficult to deal with, it has outstanding crushing effect on them, of course, it can also crush the rocks of general hardness perfectly.

3.Jaw crusher has the deep crushing chamber and the large crushing capacity. The two jaw plates are able to complete the crushing handover in a timely manner, the crushing rhythm is consistent and the crushing efficiency is high.

Jaw crusher is the all-match equipment in the mining production

Secondly, the jaw crusher is all-match, not just talking, it can be seen in every production line in the mine production.

1. In the sand making field of the pebble, the jaw crusher is responsible for crushing the pebble and the crushing standard is the grain size of sand maker;

2. At the grinding locale of the calcite and limestone, jaw crusher is responsible for the super fineness crushing of calcite and limestone, the calcite and limestone after crushed are sent into the Raymond mill, superfine powder grinding mill, high strength powder mill or other grinding equipment for further grinding work by the running of bucket elevator; 

3.In the ore beneficiation process, jaw crusher is also the basic and essential equipment, the metal-rich raw ore such as iron ore, molybdenum ore, etc., has been multi-stage crushed by jaw crusher, then after the grinding of ball mill, it is sent into the magnetic separator or flotation machine for the selection of concentrates and tailings.

Whether in the production of crushing, sanding making or in the grinding, dressing operation, jaw crusher can be perfectly coordinated with other equipment in the production line and play its green leaves role to the extreme. Not only that, the firm configuration and wear-resisting inner parts of jaw crusher make itself have very long standby and use time and low depreciation rate, compared with the general crusher, jaw crusher is more economic and environmental protection. Therefore, it is favored by massive users.

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